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Hexbot | Versatile All-In-1 Desktop

Hexbot | Versatile All-In-1 Desktop

Turn your desktop into a workshop. Easily drawing, laser engraving and 3D printing. Bring your ideas to life.

Industrial robots has been evolving and helping us in manufacturing process since the 1950s. They are well-designed and precise but complicated and expensive at the same time. We hope to do it differently. We want to bring the function and precision of traditional robotic arms and deliver a desktop robotic arm in a modular design at an affordable price for everyone.

The first versatile desktop robotic arm with extreme 0.05mm high repeatability that turns your desktop into a workshop. Designed for makers, designers and anyone who wants to bring their ideas to life. Hexbot helps you to draw, write, laser engrave and 3D print in the easiest way possible.

Air Deck 2.0 - The ultimate travel playing cards

Air Deck 2.0 - The ultimate travel playing cards

The super travel-optimized playing cards are back. Premium, waterproof, compact, lightweight, and durable.

Our mission is to make the ultimate travel playing cards. After the success of our first Air Deck campaign, we’ve been busy figuring out how we could improve on our original Air Deck campaign. After 18 months of work, and great feedback from the community, here are our three new designs:

  • 52 Playing Cards + 2 jokers
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Compact travel friendly size
  • Light weight
  • Durable heavy-duty 'casino quality' 0.31mm PVC
  • Premium printing
  • Slightly textured on both sides for better handling 
  • Sturdy 0.4mm waterproof synthetic paper tuck box 
  • Playing card size : 3.43 x 1.26 inches (87 x 32mm)
  • FREE tracked international shipping! 

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