The holidays are here it's time to start thinking about small gift ideas for men for the special people in our lives right i’ve always been the type of person to give one really good gift instead of 3 or 4 gifts that are just okay.

I just feel like that's boring i want a good gift that's just how i am even when i’m buying things for myself i prefer to just save up and buy something really cool instead of buying something right away with the money that i have which isn't.

Exactly what i wanted right i want to be really happy with it so with that being said i wanted to share with you guys ten last-minute gifts that any guy will truly appreciate this could be

Your dad your brother your Cousin your Best friend it doesn't really matter i tries to cover it all with this Gift guy by the way I’m gone list specific options for you guys in a description below for every single one of these items.

We're talking about just to make your life a lot easier and i’m doing another huge list on my Instagram so you can get even more ideas there today and tomorrow my Instagram is at if you haven't followed me at man come on make sure to follow me i do a lot of fashion grooming and of course men's hair style inspiration and we're closing in on 100 followers so i would love your support there.

Cute LittleSurprise Gifts For Boyfriend

  1. Men’s Jewellery

let's start this list number one is jewelry now i know you're thinking what guys jewelry it doesn't make sense but guess what news flash we do like jewelry especially if something has meaning your value or a good story behind.

it it's just something cool that makes people feel like they're part of something that's why you see guys value something like dog tags or a class rings all the time it means something to them.
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it makes them feel like they belong to a group or a brotherhood or it reminds them of a special bond i have this out here from Pierre that i wear almost every day the owl talisman actually means watch over me i got it on the website and it always reminds me of my aunt who passed away many years ago.

it's not just jewelry it means a lot to me and i always travel with it because i feel safer with it obviously mine is very sentimental to me but it could be something as simple as a bracelet made out of wood for example right there you give to your brother to remember those times.
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When you used to go camping with them or something like that whatever you feel like is special to you guys or it could be some cool rings like this one here

you can make up your own story this one could be something like remember where you're from and where you're going if this person is far away it doesn't really matter you know it just it makes a huge difference as long as the that jewelry has some type of meaning behind it and i’m sure that.

2. Men's Watches

would really appreciate number two guys since we're talking about men’s accessories already i think a watch is an amazing gift i love watches i know that some guys are wearing smart watches.

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Now  I only wear mine to go to the gym i don't really wear for anything else some guys don't even wear watches at all which i think is crazy like i feel so naked without a watch could be anything that suits his style you know as much as i love my professional looking watches.

if you've seen my recent post i even have like a Mickey mouse watch from Shinola because why not you know it's unique it's a conversation starter and it's something different than my usual watch but you don't have to go crazy you know and buy something.

That’s really expensive just buy something that is that looks nice and that is good for your Budget Right I've Talked About A Bunch Of Different Brands Here Like Arrow Dani Wellington Timex Tried Nola Any Of Those Would Make An Amazing Gift Not Only For Guys But For Girls As Well.
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3. Men's Perfume

Guys something that i love and i know that you guys Love as well perfume some guys are completely clueless when it comes to Perfume or they're too scared to try out.

A different perfume altogether and That's because guys well we are Creatures of habit we don't like to Change you know so sometimes it's good To get pushed outside of your comfort Zone a little bit a new scent is a great


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Start or maybe you already know the Bottle that this person likes you know you like blueberry or something like That the classics and you can just give Them a real you know give him a because I know that even though

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I Have like every single perfume out there Although I would still like to get Perfume because i like to wear a lot of Perfume or not a lot in terms of at a Time I just mean like every day and Different ones so if you give me the Same one that I already have i don't mind.

4. Travel Dopp Kit

Number four is a dopp kit or a toiletry bag now i'm Gone make a statement here and some people are gone hate it but it's true alright don't even try to hide it.

 a lot of guys are really messy okay we think that bathroom stuff just goes in the bathroom and we just sure like throw everything in this thing and you know or maybe like it's even on the counter the bathroom counter
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but it doesn't have to be ‘we are a magic of the Dopp kit it's cool it's masculine it keeps things organized if this person travels a lot like I travel a lot and I'm always on the move he's really Gone love this I probably have four of these one for travel and then I have three like under my sink right for all different things so this definitely has the Ramcharan Kewat a stamp of approval if that means anything

5. Men’s A Slim Wallet

Now you know what i want number 5 a slim wallet yes people give wallets all the time and while this is true most guys are actually being gifted  really thick wallets that i hate for two reasons one they’re really uncomfortable in your pockets

Right they just like hurt your ass basically number two they look bad they kind of like bulge out of your pockets

Makes you look like you're carrying some type of animal in the back it’s just it look good alright if the guy you’re thinking about for a gifts
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like a thick old wallet as his daily wallet maybe it's time that you helped him change right for something more modern and if he has a Nintendo controller wallet then he definitely needs a new wallet replace it with a new one and then get the Nintendo one and give it to your seven-year-old cousin or something like that he's

gonna love it a card holder would also work really well here would use card holders especially when i'm being in a suit, for example, it's classy its small its thin fits right into the inside of my pocket in my jacket here and there usually a lot cheaper than a wallet so if you're on a budget it works really well hope you like it our suggested small gift ideas for men
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